Sports Sponsorships

The Challenge

AIG has been a proud sponsor of Irish sport for many years, and has strongly led the drive towards the upliftment and equality of male and female sport. Along with their key sponsorship of the 20×20 initiative, AIG in 2019 became the Official Insurance Partner of the LGFA, nationally. The challenge was to showcase AIG’s sponsorship suite as never seen before, and to highlight the depth and breadth of the sports they cover; whether it be the Dublin GAA teams, the Clubs, the LGFA players, their International Sponsorship of the All Black Rugby team, all the way to Golf and Tennis.

The Idea

With AIG’s strong link to equality, the strategic approach and subsequent content centred around the developed tagline, “Effort is Equal”. All work that was developed was launched from this strategic platform, which then formed the foundation of the brands Sponsorship Comms Plan.

The Outcome

The following suite of work was developed:


  1. Female Sponsorship: A 40” TV ad that showcases the broad selection of female sports that AIG sponsor.
  2. LGFA Sponsorship: A 40” TV and 60” Online ad that showcases AIG’s new national Sponsorship, and provided a compelling product offer for LGFA members. A suite of individual Online player videos are also currently in development, with Áine McDonagh being the first to go live.
  3. Dublin GAA Sponsorship: A 40” TV and 60” Online ad that showcases true equality in sport, male and female side by side as one.
  4. Dub Club Chronicles: Ongoing suite of content that showcases a selection of Dublin Clubs.

The Impact

The Sponsorship campaign went live in July 2019, and by September 2019, brand sentiment and brand warmth had improved markedly as per the market research results; but importantly the volume of AIG quote enquiries were the highest seen in years.