Focus Ireland


Moving Day

The Challenge

Bord Gáis Energy are the proud sponsor of Shine A Light, the annual Corporate sleep out in association with Focus Ireland. The challenge was to develop a campaign that laid bare the current homelessness situation in order to galvanise the Irish public into action.

The Idea

The idea was to initially show a very ‘normal’ Irish family in their home.  Having identified with many of the every-day routine and rituals of family life, the viewer is all the more shocked when this family lose their home and move into emergency accommodation.  More distressing yet is to watch the impossibility of those everyday routines play out in one hotel room and how family life inevitably disintegrates.  The longer, online version shows the family moving back into a house after months in emergency accommodation.  By showing this heartbreaking cycle we wanted the Irish public to sit up and take note of the current crisis.

The Outcome

A 2’22” Online film was developed that was cutdown to a 60” TVC, and was supported by Radio, Digital and Social elements.

The Impact

Shine A Light saw a 24% increase in donations for the charity during the Moving Day campaign.