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Design Your Future

The Challenge

Procrastination is a human Achilles’ heel. Financial procrastination is even more inhibiting and daunting.  Overcoming this challenge would be key to more people considering the benefits of pension planning with Investec.

The Idea

People need to think of their pension plan from an emotional point of view, rather than purely from a rational and practical one. With 1 in 3 children born today living to be circa 100 years old, the approach was to illustrate how a planned pension can significantly enhance the retirement years. A selection of people in their eighties were put forward who had really benefitted from this type of planning and were living a rewarding life as a result.

The Outcome

Through intimate and personal filmed interviews with three Octogenarians, it was clearly illustrated how good life can be regardless of age, once a person has the right attitude towards financial pension planning from early on.

The Impact

The campaign lived on Social Media, and was a finalist for The Sockies 2017.