The Challenge

2016 marked the centenary of The 1916 Rising.  The challenge was to represent and celebrate a selection of Irish counties with a story from The Rising not known to most.

The Idea

A significant amount of research was undertaken, going back into the RTE archives and British Pathe to find the best story.

The Outcome

The selected four counties were:

  • Dublin: How history became our future – the impact of the Rising into the present day.
  • Sligo: Countess Markievicz’s transformation and legacy.
  • Limerick: Kathleen Daly’s imagined love letter to her executed husband Tom Clarke.
  • Monaghan: On his deathbed James Connolly bemoaned that ‘They’ll forget I am an Irishman’. The film emphasised his Irishness – both his parents were from Monaghan.

The Impact

The campaign saw such success on TV that it transferred to Cinema and was flighted across the country during the course of 2016.