1. What type of agency are you?

Along Came A Spider is a content marketing agency.

We are a specialist agency as opposed to a full-service advertising agency.

Our expertise is in creating and producing short films for brands. Another name for this is ‘branded content’.

2. Can you give me an example of branded content versus traditional advertising?

Yes. Please click links below…

Traditional ad for Volvo

Branded content for Volvo

3. Why do you exist?

Along Came A Spider was established with the goal of building audiences for brands.

The fundamental rule of content marketing is this: if you want people to listen you have to be saying something interesting.

4. Everyone is talking about content marketing, how does it work?

There is so much noise and competition for our attention that brands cannot shout about what they are doing and expect people to care.

Rather than just pushing their own agenda, the successful brands are now telling stories with their messaging.

5. Why stories?

Stories impact us more deeply than any other form of communication.

Put simply: a brand cannot build its followers if it doesn’t have good stories to attract an audience in the first place.

This is a brand’s most valuable tool to connect with its target audience.

6. So what can content marketing do for my brand?

It can help your brand to attract more of its target audience.

We take your brand message – whether it is to promote a campaign or sponsorship or initiative or product – and from it we create an authentic story.

People don’t want to listen to your brand’s advertising. But you will win their attention if you can entertain them, educate them or move them – by crafting a story that contains your brand’s message.

When people like your content, they like your brand.

7. How will I know if it works?

Before we start work on any project we listen to what you want to achieve. Is it brand awareness, brand loyalty or a particular call to action?

Then we figure out our measurements of success. Whether that’s performance on social media, coverage in earned media, website traffic, sign ups, SEO or a combination of results.

8. What makes Along Came A Spider different?

We specialise only in content marketing. We are experts in this field.

It’s tough to do branded content properly if you don’t fully understand entertainment and advertising.

Brands need to be able to compete with broadcasters in their storytelling prowess if consumers are going to choose to watch their videos. And clear strategic thinking is needed to understand brand positioning, audiences and platforms.

Our experience spans some of London’s top agencies (including M&C Saatchi, Google and Wieden+Kennedy) with over a decade in television, developing new formats and narratives for prime time programming at the BBC and RTÉ.